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GCTR 2019 - Final Program 

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Submitted Papers

ALBANESE, et al. Building the Glass House

ALMEIDA, F. Transparency, Corporate Governance and Compliance How do Public corporations in Brazil deal

ANDRADE, C et al. Uncertainty in the Figures. A Case Study about Access to Information on Clandestine Mass graves in Mexico

APPELBAUM et al. A Quantifiable Complexity Measure to Evaluate Transparency in Government Financial Data 

ARKEDIS et al. Can transparency and accountability programs improve health

ASSUMPÇÃO, A. Electoral Crime Under Democracy

ASSUMPÇÃO, et al. Estimating the Effect of Discreion in Public Spending

BALDO, et al. Using Automated Accessibility Metering Tools in Transparency Rankings

BHARDWAJ, A. JOHRI, A. Evaluating the Performance of Information Commissions in India

BRAGA, S. ANGELI, A. Open Government Data Policies in Latin America

BRANDSMA, G. J. MEJIER, A. Transparency and the speed of multi-actor decision-making process

CAPASSO et al. Fiscal transparency and tax morale

CASAS, P. CHANETON, P. Judicial Transparency and Open Justice: Opportunities and Challenges

CERRILLO-I-MARTÍNEZ. The Evaluation of Compliance of the Transparency Legislation

CHARI, R. CREPAZ, M. Transparency Policy The Public-Private Dimension and Conceptualizing Ecosystems

CHARI, R. CREPAZ, M. Outlining a method of analysis to measure the robustness of transparency policies globally

CHIRAMBO, D. Strategies for Promoting Transparency and Inclusive Growth through South-South Climate Change Cooperation

CICATIELLO et. al. Freedom  of Information law at work

CIOCI, F. State-Owned Enterprises - SOEs' Transparency through the lenses

CONTRERAS, P. Changing the bench for a handshake

COSTA, C. Access to Public Information in Brazil, Mexico and Canada

COTA et. al. From freedom of information to public deliberation

CUILLIER, D. Bigger Stick, Better Compliance

DAVENPORT, S. Tax, Transparency, and Trust. 

DIAS, V. A experiência do BNDES com a transparência em suas operações

FERGUSON, E. Clear as Water

FILHO, M. Building Transparency the role of the Office of the Comptroller General

FOTI, J. Global Report. Open Government Partnership. 

FOUAD, S. Benchmarking

FRANCE et al. Assessing transparency of punitive administrative proceedings in Brazil

FUMEGA, S. SCROLLINI, F. You've got mail the role of digital civil society

GREENWOOD, J. RYNNING, C. Doors, Mirros and Incubators

GREENWOOD, J. RYNNING, C. Transparency, Trilogues and Civil Society Organisations

GUERRIERI et al. The Limits Between Transparency And Professional Secrecy Obligations

HEIDE, M. From Threat to Risk: Changing Rationales and Practices of Secrecy 

HILLEBRANDT, M. Public_service_transparency_as_quantification

JONASON, P. MPs transparency

JÚNIOR et al. Where to go next in Brazilian research and practice on transparency through software

KAMIL, N. Does climate transparency lead to enhanced climate action

KOSACK et al. An approach to small-scale mixed-methods experimentation

KOSACK et al. Encouraging Participation

LAMBAIS, G. SIGSTAD, H. Judicial Subversion Theory and Evidence from Brazil

MCDERMOTT, P. Secrets and Lies

MICHENER, G. COELHO, J. Are Latin American Governments Complying with Transparency Policies

MILANI, R. Does compliance lead to a more efficient procurement

MORGADO et al. Open data on climate, forests and agriculture in Brazil

MUHUMUZA, E. Promoting transparency in public procurement through open contracting

NOVARO. Whistleblowing in Behavioral Public Administration research

OLIVEIRA et. al. Open Data Index for cities 2018 challenges for open data at the local level

PELED, R. Initial thought on the inner limits of transparency

POLINA, M. Re-election with No Information

RENZIO, P. WEHNER, J. Do poor countries suffer from an Accountability Gap

ROCHA et. al. How can transparency improve women's access to legal abortion in Brazil

RODAS et al. Measuring the implementaion of the Access to Public Information Act in Paraguay

RODRIGUES, K. Measuring transparency in secrey-driven institutions

RUMBUL, R. Parliaments and the People

SAKAI et al. What do Brazilians use FOIL for? A typology of FOIL requests 

SANTOS et al. The Bad Path of Social Accountability

SILVA, T. CRUZ, C. Disclosure of Federal Highway Concessionaires Toll Rates Evolution

TORRES, G. Institutional resistance to datafication from below activists' quest for

VALDIONES, A. THUAULT, A. Assessing transparency of environmental information in the Amazon region

VILLEGAS, V. The capabilities approach for promoting the Right to Information (RTI) in vulnerable communities

WEBECK, S. Accountability in crisis: Assessing performance in the context of data and stories.

WELSH et. al. Traffic stop datacompliance DRAFT