The School of Applied Mathematics of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV EMAp) promotes, between January 23rd and 27th, the “Summer School in Data Science.” The event aims to bring together academics and researchers in the area to discuss and present breakthroughs in the theory and application of data science. 

Data science has become central to most analytical and decision-making processes. We’ll bring together leading experts to present and share the latest advances in data science theory and applications. Researchers and professionals will be present in various academic data science disciplines, including statistics, machine learning, big data, and computer science.

The meeting will have technical content for students, teachers, and researchers. The program includes four short courses and twelve plenary talks. The short courses will use the methodology in which students will learn in practice; the topics are: Topological Data Analysis, Gaussian Processes, GNN for Network Medicine, and Machine Learning applied to Earth observations. Plenary talks will be given by national and international researchers who are experts in various areas of data science.