Brazil adopts a policy of reciprocity regarding visas. This means that nationals of countries that require visas for Brazilian citizens will need a visa to travel to Brazil.

Brazil has signed visa exemption agreements with more than 90 countries. Please be aware of specific application deadlines and requirements for your home country.

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Visa Application (Tourist Visa)
According to the Brazilian government:

The tourist visa will be issued to foreigners traveling to Brazil on a temporary basis, without purposes of immigration or the exercise of paid activity. Tourist visas can be granted for those traveling for tourism or to artistic competitions, sports competitions, conferences, seminars or meetings, among other purposes – provided there is no payment or remuneration of any type. 


• Invitation Letter
Conference participants can obtain a Letter of Invitation for visa purposes once they have completed the registration process. Please, contact Fabiana Braga Leal ( to obtain the letter.