Junior Awards

Bachelier Finance Society Junior Scholar Award (PhD students or less than 2 years since PhD)

At SIG, Quantitative Researchers explore the latest concepts in financial mathematics to solve problems found in the markets. We created the Bachelier Finance Society Junior Scholar Award to recognise scholars who share the passion for cutting-edge research. This award is conferred every two years on the author(s) of the most outstanding paper submitted to the BFS Congress by junior researchers. The award is based on the content of the contribution to the submitted paper by the junior researcher(s).

The purpose of the Bachelier Finance Society Junior Scholar Award is to attract PhD students and young researchers to the BFS World Congresses.

For more information, check: https://www.bachelierfinance.org/bachelier-finance-society-junior-scholar-award

Travel Award for Young Researchers (PhD students or less than 5 years since PhD)

The Travel Award is designed to support and encourage the participation of promising individuals in the field of Mathematical Finance.
This award is granted to outstanding graduate students and early-career professionals who have demonstrated excellence in their research.

The deadline for the Travel Award submission is the submission deadline of the 2024 BFS Congress.


  • Eligibility is restricted to PhD students and junior researchers who have obtained their PhD degree less than five years before the application deadline;
  • All applicants must be members of the Bachelier Finance Society by the same deadline;
  • The applicant must be the presenting author of a paper at the 2024 BFS Congress.

Requirements for Submission
To enter the competition, each author has to submit the following documents: (i) a short curriculum vitae (at most two pages); (ii) a supporting letter from the Mentor or Advisor.

Prize Committee
The Scientific Committee of the BFS Congress acts as the Prize Committee. The Committee requests, collects, and evaluates nominations and finally decides on a candidate for the prize award.

Notification of Prize Winners
The BFS president will notify the recipient(s) by the same time as the "Response to authors" of the 2024 BFS Congress.

Description of the Award
The Travel Award will tentatively cover both the flights and accommodation for the winners, conditionally on fund's availability.

Please send any questions to bachelier2024@fgv.br