Concept Paper

Toward a Just Transition: An Opportunity for Minas Gerais

The sustainable development process is taking place on a global scale and has become one of the strategic and priority policy themes on national and international development agendas. The Just Transition aspect in the mining industry sector is characterized in that context, laying the foundation for global sustainable development partnerships between Brazil and Germany. In fact, from a shared and differentiated perspective of responsibility for sustainable development, successful experiences of “Just Transition” and mining are analyzed, such as the German cases of the Ruhr Valley and the Lusatia region. These cases provide elements - to be adapted to the Brazilian reality - to give rise to processes of Just Transition in Brazil and specifically in the State of Minas Gerais.

In this Brazilian state, the mining industry has a leading role in economic growth, which, however, needs to go through innovation and sustainability processes to better contribute to the sustainable development of the region. Yet another relevant aspect that is presented is the relationship between mining activities and the global energy transition where the State of Minas Gerais and Brazil can contribute on a global scale. Furthermore, it proposes a positive sustainable development agenda based on mining scenarios and strategic vectors for the implementation of processes of fair transition in Minas Gerais, and in potentia in Brazil in general, based on Brazilian specificities and in the light of German experiences.

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